Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bring & Buy Boutique

Today was the day that I've been working towards for the last few weeks - I hosted a 'Bring & Buy' event at my house!

A couple of months back, I was clearing out my own wardrobe from some unwanted items, all still in good condition. I was moaning to myself about how out here, you rarely get more than a dollar or two for your things if you try to sell them at a garage sale f.e.
Then I got this idea about a 'Bring & Buy' day; and I decided to host this kind of "clothes swop day" - as a little bit more of an "upmarket garage sale". I wanted to sell/swop all those nice things we all have hidden in our wardrobes, that we don't use anymore for one reason or another, but that still are in "as-good-as-new" condition.
I teamed up with Kellie, a friend of mine, and together we sent out feelers if anyone else was interested in clearing out their wardrobes, they could bring around their things here. I never thought we would get the response we did; in the end I had collected over 1000 items!!!

So, every waking hour the last weeks has been spent with sorting and labeling these items: clothes, shoes, bags etc. I didn't mind, it gave me something to do! It kind of took over our home though, because it was just so much! I quickly had to move out from the guest room, where I started arranging the first things, to the dining room e. In the end, our whole living area looked like a proper shop (to the kids' big amusement)!
Here's this morning, before the first "customers" turned up:

It was a great morning! Lots of people turned up, and most of them found some bargains to take home!
Actually (if I may say so myself) this was a great idea, since there is no such thing as a 2nd hand shop here at all really. Today also came to show, that "one persons 'not wanted' is another persons precious find"! There were just so many beautiful things - some still with original labels on even!

Kellie checking some childrens wear out:

We had set up the whole of downstairs as a proper shop. There was a check-out counter, changing rooms, soft sofas for the occasional husband that got dragged along and even a refreshment corner, frequently visited by the younger crowd..!

The check-out area:

"Customers" happily browsing:

At the check-out, Kellie and Marsela busy little bees:

At one stage we had a queue!

Kellie, re-arranging and re-stocking the "shop"!

Even though it was a lot more work (and cost...) than I thought, I'd still do it again! It was lots of fun, and really something there apparently was a "need" for here. As one of my friends said afterward on Facebook: "I just wanted to say thanks so much for providing the Desperate Housewives of Brunei with such a great event today!"
You're most welcome..!


maria said...

wow, då förstår jag bättre dina FB-inlägg ;)
Himla driftigt av dig och ett litet steg mot en bättre miljö. Heja second hand!!

Fröken Karlsson said...

Wow Boel, superbra idé och självklart totalbra arrangerat, fru Ordning och reda:-)/Erika