Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sentosa Island; Part 2 - The Merlion Walk

After the rides on the luge we had worked up a bit of an appetite, so off we went in search of somewhere to eat close by. Unfortunately, with 8 people involved in different ages, it was not so easy to find something (and quickly, as some were very hungry!) that would appeal to everyone. Solution: KFC...
Not so very culinary, but hey!

Well fed, we went to check out the big statue of the Merlion.

Lucas saw some people in the mouth of the statue and desperately wanted to get up there too, but we thought we had had enough of nice views for one day and did the Merlion Walk instead.

This mosaic walkway reminded me a bit of Park Güell in Barcelona. It was really beautiful.

Even though you weren't actually allowed to go in the water, somehow our kids managed to get themselves soaking wet, of course...

And at the end of the Merlion Walk, we ended up at the beach and had some New Zealand Natural Ice Cream - yum! Well deserved and a very nice treat!

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