Sunday, 27 March 2011


Although they had said the whole weekend was going to be grey and gloomy, it was actually not until this morning we saw the first rain for this holiday.
It doesn't matter much, we only had planned a quiet day anyway after several days in a row exploring. We have started the day with lots of coffee and a big Sunday brunch at one of the popular haunts close to our hotel.

The weather has really been perfect since we got here, so we can't complain. I was longing to wear jeans and cardigans, the two-layer temperatures are my favourites!
I'm not too keen on jackets or rain clothes, but as long as it's just cool and not too wet, I'm happy. (I'll even let today slide, it's rather cosy!) And since we have even had sunshine until today - it couldn't have been any better!

I'm really enjoying waking up each day and just take it as it comes. It's been a while since we did a "proper" holiday (without "just" visiting friends or family) and it's been surprisingly nice to be just us for a few days.
Come rain or shine.

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