Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Buller Gorge

On the last bit of driving yesterday, about 2/3 between Westport and Nelson, we stopped at this beautiful little Heritage Park, 'The Buller Gorge'. To get there we had to cross New Zealand's longest swingbridge (110m long and 17m high), something I wasn't too sure about.
I had asked before if it was moving at all, and got told "No, no"... So off we went. The kids had no issues with the bridge nor the height and ran off swiftly.

Well, I on the other hand, didn't move as swiftly...

It took me a little bit longer to cross, very slowly. It wasn't the height as such, it was more that the bridge did in fact move. Those little, sideways movements made me all nauseous, but I made it over in the end.

On the other side, we went for a short enjoyable loop walk on the little peninsula to see some remains of the gold workings that used to take place there. Actually the river is still mined today.
In fact there was an abundance of different tracks available, but since we had the kids we chose this shorter one, which was still really nice.

Then it was time to go back to the other side again... and I wasn't so keen on another go at that bridge... so the kids and I quickly decided to ride back on the 'Comet Line' instead! :)

This zip-line is 160m long and we decided on doing a tandem ride, all three of us. Here we are getting ready and suited up, we sat comfortably strapped in in each our seats, Lucas in the front one and Linnea and I in the back one.

Yes, that was a whole lot faster, and a whole lot more fun! I could do that again any day, over and over again! Whiiiiiiiii!

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