Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Can't take the heat

Today it's been slightly overcast and therefor a bit chillier. I don't mind at all. Actually, I can't take this heat very well. I'm just like my Dad, neither one of us are made for heat, we prefer it between 20-25 degrees max.

It must be strange to hear, considering where I live and that we have 30 degrees plus, every single day of the year in Brunei. But you know, it's a different heat - and here, there's no getting away from it.
It's hot in the day, in the evening and in the night; and here no one really have A/C, like we do back in Brunei. It's hot for such short periods in the year it's hardly worth it here.

Back home, we don't feel that have to be outside enjoying it every day either, as you do here "in case the good weather stops tomorrow". Here in Scandinavia, the summer heat and the sunshine is so precious that you need to enjoy every minute of it.

We have all felt a bit under the past few days. Lucas, Nathan and I all have sore throats and Linnea has a bad cough. Add to that the hot, hot weather, and the fact that we have been on the go now for two weeks - no wonder we are feeling slightly worn down.

Tomorrow we are spending most of the day on the train, going up to my parents place. It has been a blast these past few weeks - we have had so much fun and seen so many of our friends - but, it's also going to be nice to finally be able to pack out a bit, and get organized, and not do much for the next few weeks. Just wind down and relax.

Some more photos

A little mix of photos from Nathan's camera. First in the summer house, Lucas giving Konrad a ride on the swing:

The boys having herring and snaps, well, not Lucas, he had ice cream:

Going for a ride with Lars in the Nihola:

At the playground, cool swing:

My friend the Baroness

My friend Kamilla has just recently moved over to Jylland, to live with her boyfriend. The "big city girl" has now become a farmer girl. She is born and bread in Copenhagen, and have lived there all her life but now, she is in for something else. Her boyfriend lives on a big mansion with 320 ha land (& forrest etc) attached to it, in the middle of the countryside. A very different world to what she is used to!

Yesterday when we went to see her new home, we got the big tour around the grounds. We went to see their ducks that they had planted in an artificial pond. Duck hunt starts on the 1st of September... quack, quack:

Well, she is not really a Baroness of course, but for us and the rest of our friends, she will now be known as Baroness Kamilla!

Next stop Kolding

On our little tour we have now reached Kolding, in Jylland. We have spent a couple of days with our friends Lars & Dorte, that used to live in Horsham as well (and then moved to Berlin, and now back home to DK). Their Lukas and our Lucas, is almost exactly the same age, and were best friends back in the Horsham-days; and instantly found each other again. The fact that they don't speak any of the same languages didn't seem to bother them at all.
It was so nice to see them all again, and since the weather was still fantastic, we had a bbq outside the first evening, and the kids had a dinner in the nude:

Yesterday they took us out on their boat, for a little trip down around Lille Baelt:

The weather was fantastic, just like ever since we arrived, so we had to stop for ice cream at a quai along the way. Nathan got the job to jump ashore:

It was messy business, but oh so yum!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

In the summer house

We spent the past weekend in Thomas' new summer house, along the west coast of Sjaelland. Not that the "summer houses" of today have anything to do with my Farmor & Farfar's summer house I used to stay at throughout my childhood (with a proper outhouse and a "fridge" dug out in the ground) - they are far more comfortable and modernly equipped, like any other house. Even if it wasn't as rustique as I was expecting, it was nice getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city after five days in Copenhagen.

Already the first evening we went down to the sea for a quick look and a play, no swimming though:

Not until the next evening, we went down for an evening swim. Actually, the water was quite nice - and the kids had a long swim:

Poor Konrad had to stay in his pram though:

I almost had a swim with my clothes on, cause our camera is waterproof, so it wouldn't have mattered if it got wet when I got attacked:

Summer feet:

Legoland Billund 2008

Last summer we had a super nice day at Legoland Windsor, together with Mormor & Morfar. It was a big hit, especially with Lucas. So this year we had planned to take him to the "real" one, the original Legoland in Billund.
Of course Thomas (& Mikkeline) were piloting us around to try and find the best course and avoid the biggest queues. Being a Saturday, we didn't do very well though, the queues were pretty long, although it was "change-over-day". Plus, being a very hot day - it was quite hard work keeping the three little ones happy while waiting.

The biggest hit was still the miniland, just like last year. Lucas would be happy just staying there for hours and hours, he loves it! (And it is indeed fantastic!) But we did also go on quite a few rides, and tried out some of the new attractions. I liked the 4D movie - where it snowed on us, and a little dragon sneezed and we all got wet!

Here is a little slide show from our day:

Monday, 28 July 2008


A big part of coming back "home" on holiday is indulging in all the things you have been missing from your previous lives. Here in DK, it's all about the following (just to mention a few):

Tebirkes (= a special breakfast "bread")
Frösnapper (= same thing)
Piratos (= liquorice)
Kung Fu Is (= ice cream)
Stryhns grovhakket leverpastej (= liver paté)
Koldskål og kammerjunkere (= kind of like youghurt)
Frugt fra torvet (= fruit bought at the market)
Soft ice (= somehow it tastes better in DK!)
Rugbröd (= dark rye bread)
Risted pölse (= Danish hot dog)
Pingvinstang (= candy)


By the way, I also indulge in going to Bilka, Kvickly & Fötex (big supermarket chains) here, to buy food and clothes, it's very exotic for me so I'm easy to please while on holiday! Just find me a Bilka and you have made my day! :)

Amager Beach

On Friday, before leaving for Thomas' summerhouse, we went down to the newly (well, since we lived there...) renovated Amager Strandpark:

We were accompanied by Henrik & Jette, and Lars. Just sat in the sand, buried the kids (legs!), had a picnic and enjoyed the lovely morning:

The kids also went for a swim (far too cold for me still...). Linnea was a bit hesitant to start with, but then she went for it in full force:

Isn't it amazing you can find a beautiful beach like this in the middle of a capital?!

Beautiful days

We have had a couple of absolutely stunning days lately, Denmark is really showing itself from it's best side with hot, hot summer weather (better than on Mallorca for example!), blue skies and happy people.

On Thursday, Nathan took the kids home to Thomas apartment in the old Carlsberg-silo, and spent the day there:

And me and Kamilla were out hitting the shops and the sales. Actually, we didn't buy much, but just enjoyed not having the kids (or the husbands!) - had a nice lunch at a café, and a lovely afternoon in the city.

In the evening we were having bbq at our friends Pierre & Dorthe's place. The kids had their dinner before us:

And we had some yummy food too, while the kids had ice cream:




And Linnea:

The evenings have been extraordinary while being here. It was past 21 o'clock (yes I know, but we are on holiday!) and still warm enough for the kids to run around outside and play half naked. Such a treat!
We have really been so spoiled while being on holiday, with all our friends looking after us, showing great hospitality, making our visits easy and not to forget cooking nice food for us... mmm!