Tuesday, 29 July 2008

In the summer house

We spent the past weekend in Thomas' new summer house, along the west coast of Sjaelland. Not that the "summer houses" of today have anything to do with my Farmor & Farfar's summer house I used to stay at throughout my childhood (with a proper outhouse and a "fridge" dug out in the ground) - they are far more comfortable and modernly equipped, like any other house. Even if it wasn't as rustique as I was expecting, it was nice getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city after five days in Copenhagen.

Already the first evening we went down to the sea for a quick look and a play, no swimming though:

Not until the next evening, we went down for an evening swim. Actually, the water was quite nice - and the kids had a long swim:

Poor Konrad had to stay in his pram though:

I almost had a swim with my clothes on, cause our camera is waterproof, so it wouldn't have mattered if it got wet when I got attacked:

Summer feet:

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