Tuesday, 15 July 2008

New Scandinavian Cooking

I have been stumbling over a lovely program a few times while zapping around the otherwise quite boring tv-channels, it's called "New Scandinavian Cooking". Well, I might be slightly bias, cause it's with my favourite Swedish TV-chef, Tina Nordström.

I just love watching this show (which is in English), not only for the mouth watering food she prepares, but also because she is visiting different sites of Sweden in each show, and tells little stories about Swedish history etc. It's actually a show that gives Sweden a lot of fantastic PR! The views are magnificent! (Tonight for example, she was cooking smoked eel at Ale Stenar.)

That her "skånish" (=from southern Sweden) accent shines through while she speaks English, is just a fun bonus, she sounds totally charming!

You can find the recipes and check out more about this show and Tina Nordström here.

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