Sunday, 6 July 2008


I have hardly exercised since we got back from the mountain. It's really awful.
I have been doing the hash, but that's just once a week so not really enough. It's like the disappointment over our failed climb ruined my motivation completely!

So, I'm back to being wobbly again, it's amazing how quickly that happens when you let go a bit. I'm feeling anything but fit and in shape at the moment. Actually I'm feeling pretty miserable, and disappointed in myself instead.

I have a million excuses why it's gone downhill lately, like stressing about the move, putting most of my energy into the classes and having busy last weeks of term etc. The big one being that we soon are off to Europe for five weeks, and I'm definitely not going to exercise there. So why start again when I can't follow through..?

I'm 100% confident though I will get back in to a good exercise routine without any problems once we are back, and school has started again. Especially since next term both kids will be at school, and I will have four hours every morning all to myself.
I have experienced the rush, I want it again.

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