Friday, 11 July 2008

Wrong target group

I took the kids to the Jungle Gym yesterday afternoon, and we met up with some of Lucas' school mates for a play. They had a special offer going on there because of the school holidays:
"Buy a Jungle Meal - and get to buy a school bag for only $6".

Very cheap indeed. I did consider getting Lucas a Spiderman one, because for next year I would like for him to have a roller bag (so I don't have to carry all the bags all the time...). The only hitch was, that I would have had to buy one for Linnea too, and she wasn't quite in the target group for the girl bag they had for sale. Check this out:

Barbie in hijab.
No, we didn't buy any bags yesterday.


Dosiss said...

Really? I´m not into Barbie in the first place ( luckily since I´m 40)and Barbie in hijab even less.

Jason said...
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