Friday, 11 July 2008


Somehow I never dared to believe this day would come - but it did, YAAAAYYYYYY!
Today... I got the keys to our new house! Finally!

We have been living in the same, temporary accomodation for almost a year now, ever since we got here. It's been ok, but we have seriously outgrown it and I have been longing to get some outdoor space, yes, just space over all!
When my friend told me back then it could take a while to find a good house, I just shrugged and thought "yeah, yeah, can't be that hard!". They had waited 11 months, before they could move into their house. A wait that had paid off though, since they got a fab house. But I thought "jeez... 11 months, that's crazy!".

Here we are 11 1/2 months later. I dare say, that our wait paid off too - our house is almost as perfect as it could be, for us! We are so pleased!

We must have seen (and I'm not exaggerating) over 100 houses on our hunt for the perfect house. For every house we saw, and for every month that passed, it got harder and harder to find something, because we got more and more criteria to be filled. Finally, back in April, we heard that some people were moving out of a simpang (=road) we had had our eyes on, and we acted as fast as we could. Luckily, we had the perfect timing this time (some other houses had slipped by us), and no one else had posted any interest. The house was ours. I have been describing the house before here.
We just had to wait until the current tenants were going to move.

They left the house last Saturday, and since then it has been sprused up, painted and fixed - and today, I got the keys. What a lovely feeling!
Nathan unfortunately is in Singapore until tonight, so we will not be moving until tomorrow. Everything is organized and ready to go though: a truck, some workers to do all the carrying; five different deliveries with furniture and a guy to come and mount our TVs. It will be a hectic day - actually, a hectic couple of days, since we are off on vacation next week.

But gosh, I can't wait!

I tried to take some pics today, to show you the colours we had chosen, but the photos don't really show much unfortunately. It was a bit of a gamble, because we had carefully chosen some colours we liked - only to discover they didn't have those colours at the paint shop... So on Monday, I had to zoom down to the paint shop to choose some new colours. Although I tried to find shades close to the ones I had originally picked, it was all a bit rushed and I have been worrying a bit if it would now turn out alright.

Here is the entrance. It comes into one big room with the hall, living room and dining room all in one. So we have painted some of those walls in "Soft Sands", to break it all up a bit. The wall to the right is beige, the one to the left white:

I would have liked to have gone a shade or two darker actually, something along the lines of "Baileys" or "Latte" but Nathan stopped me. Now it's just about noticeable, very, very subtle. Which is what he likes, but I'm not quite happy... Ah well.
Here is Linnea's room, painted in "Pink Snow", nice and soft:

And Lucas' room, painted in "Lime". This I was not very sure about at all, I was after a more "asparagus-type" colour. But it turned out great! He is so pleased, cause as you know, he loves green:

The office. Slightly darker than I had expected, but nice, I'm pleased. The colour is called "Mist Blue":

The kids in the kitchen:


Jason said...

That's our old house! I can't believe you are moving in to our old place. A bit weird really. I suppose it shows we both have great taste though.

Dosiss said...

Youppiee! HAPPY for u!

Mia said...

That's beautiful! Just looking at houses in UK at the moment and you can just imagine how many landlords who would jump to the opportunity to spruce up a house.. ;)

Our list of requirements is looong this time, you learn from moving around.

It seems you've made an excellent choise and the wait was very worth the wait!

Anna Malaga said...

Great!!! It looks lovely, what a big and sunny room for Lucas!!
I can understand you are exited!

Scrapper-holic said...

What a great house!! Love the colours! Crop party when you get back? hehe.

Dogeared said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you finally have somewhere, and that it's somewhere you really like. I hope the move goes smoothly - just remember to pack the kettle somewhere easily accessible (and cups and your drink of choice ;-) ).