Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tuesday Theme - Sommar

I have been slacking a bit with the Tuesday Theme lately, and today I'm not even going to show you some current photos, but some from about a year ago.

Today's theme is Sommar (=summer), and even though I live in constant summer, and is lucky enough to be able to go to NZ in their summer, etc - there is only one real summer for me, and that is the Swedish summer.
Maybe it is because it is so short and precious, maybe it is because of the midnight sun and the magical light; maybe it is because I want my kids to have the same lovely summers as I did... It sure is something else anyway!

So, here are a few pictures from last summer, in Sweden:


Klimakteriehäxan said...

Inte för att jag varit ens i närheten av Brunei - men det är klart att det är skillnad på sommar och sommar ...

Kaffebönan said...

Sommaren i Sverige är speciell.. så omtumlande och så ombytlig.. härliga sommarbilder:-)

Fritt ur hjärtat said...

Fina sommarbilder, ast jag föredrar klippor, man får ju sand överallt;-))

Lillie dAmour said...

Hej vännen.
Jag har utmanat dig i min blogg.
Kom och titta.