Sunday, 20 July 2008

Freaky deaky

It's a bit weird to be back in Horsham, cause it's all feels so normal, but at the same time it feels like it was in a different life we lived here. So much has happened to us, we have done so much and changed quite a bit since we lived here. Mixed feelings.

It's fun to walk around in Jason & Maki's house, because they bought and took over so many of our things when we left - so it almost feels like home! We keep making the same joke every time we spot any of our old things "Hey, we used to have one of those!" and it's been said more than once here the past few days! (Well, even at the other friends houses we have been!)

To add to these weird feelings, the past few weeks we have realized the world is a very small place. Listen to this:
The captain that flew me down when the kids and I moved to Brunei (and the plane broke down) is a good friend of Jason & Maki's. Jason used to fly in RBA, and he did his last flight there together with Charlie. They have been good friends ever since. Both of them are now moving to Singapore, and are starting on the same course together for SQ, in September!
Not only that, but Charlie lives in the house opposite us in Brunei at the moment (it's their things I have bought and will take over when they leave for SIN) - AND, the house we are living in used to be Jason & Maki's old house! Isn't it funny?

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