Friday, 31 July 2009

A play day

Today we took it easy, the Petersen kids were kept home from kindy and we have just spent the day playing, all day. First at home, with the Lego:

And doing some painting:

Then we went to a playground, and Lucas got to try something new, the "Mooncars":

And so did Linnea, a bit differently - with some assistance! I don't know who was most crazy...

Then we went back home and after dinner went on the jungle swings in the back yard:

Auntie Kamilla

It was a bit strange being in Copenhagen without seeing Kamilla this time. But, since she has permanently moved over here to Jylland, that's what I have to get used to.
At least, she always makes time for us when we are here, and spent both last night with us here at dinner time - and came for coffee today again!

Legoland 2009

Today we are taking it very easy, recovering from the last two days that have been spent at Legoland Billund. Last year we had just one day, that we also cut a bit short, so we thought we would make up for that this year.

We were all excited and full of energy the first day, and pretty happy the weather was keeping clear. Unfortunately so were a lot of other people, but I guess that's what to expect when you go to a place like that in high season. Queues, queues and more queues...
The kids were doing pretty well, considering we had to wait for at least 20 minutes (and up to 45 mins) for each ride. We did quite a few, most of them we never even saw last year!
Of course, Lucas' favourite was the Miniland, just like last year. He could have just spent all day there, without any problems. He never wanted to leave, there was just too much to look at!

We spent 10 hours at Legoland the first day, didn't leave until after 8 pm!

Thursday we went back for another go, because they had a special deal on entrance tickets for the second day. The weather wasn't looking good at all, luckily we could borrow rain clothes and wellies from our friends, so we were at least well dressed! And it rained, and rained and rained on us... Boo-hoo.
The good thing was that obviously there wasn't as many people, so we could do some of the rides over and over again, without waiting - which was great!

We didn't stay as long, in fact the kids had enough at about 2 pm; Lucas said when we asked him if he wanted to go on another ride that "No, I think Legoland is finished for today!". :)

Well, Nathan and Thomas did the "shopping" of course, and made sure we have enough to play with for a while again (read y e a r s...)!
Here are some photos:

Halfway mark

Tomorrow me and the kids have reached our halfway mark for this holiday: three weeks and one day gone, and three weeks and one day left.
It's gone fast and slow, all at the same time. It feels like we just came, but we have also done so much it feels like we've been here for such a long time!
We feel rich, feeling at home at so many places!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Kolding - we're back!

We have now left the capital and driven over to Jylland. Last year we had an absolute blast with our friends, Lars and Dorte - so we're back!
We are planning one, maybe even two days in Legoland this time, and then just hanging about here, taking in the calm life and letting the kids play and enjoy each other.

Since last year, there has been a new addition here too - meet Magnus, 6 months. The cutest redhead in town:

The kids really found each other within 10 seconds! It seems like, they do understand that they speak different languages, but they don't let that stop them. Lucas speaks Swedish, very slowly (haha!) but mostly they just get on with it and play, and it seems to work out fine anyway.

We had brought some gifts, Lukas got some Bakugans...

... and Anna a kimono from Chinatown in Singapore:

They played for a long, long time with Lukas' Geomax - very cool toy!

Even Linnea got right into it, and built a big bear (?):

His mum gave me the ok to publish this photo of her son on the blog, with the comment "Such father, such son", haha!

Online again!

While in Copenhagen we have been lucky enough to have a whole apartment to ourselves, out in Amager. (Thank you A-K!) The only drawback was that we couldn't manage to find any wireless internet in the building, so we have been offline for the whole stay.

Now we're at our friend's place in Jylland, and we're back online!

Copenhagen 09 - Day 3

Our last day in Copenhagen, we finally took the kids to a playground for a bit. It wasn't big but the kids managed to have lots of fun, with Uncle Lars and Uncle Søren!

In the afternoon we took a drive out to the countryside to visit an old friend and his family. We got introduced to the 3-month old new addition, Josefine:

Sebastian likes babies. She kept getting kisses, lucky thing:

Lucas, the clown:

Damage control - our kids are not used to the barefoot summer life in Scandinavian gardens, with nettles and other "dangerous" things:

Linnea desperately trying to swing like the other kids:

They lived in the middle of nowhere, with fields and meadows just next door. Very idyllic:

Some enjoyed the dessert more than others..!

It was a typical Danish summer dish, Koldskål. Uhm!

Copenhagen 09 - Day 2

We started Sunday morning with a lovely, long brunch on Holmen, a newly developed area of Copenhagen. Well, newly developed since we lived here anyway! For example they have a brand new and very modern Opera House out there.
We went to a café called Café Krudthuset, where we could both eat nicely - and play afterwards. They had a great playground for the kids outside, so we put Uncle Thomas to good use:

... and his kids too!

Linnea got into the climbing (of course...), but still needed a hand:

From Holmen we took a water bus from one side of the channel to the other, it was really exciting for the kids, and actually something new for us too! It didn't exist when we were living in Copenhagen, unfortunately:

We did a little stop in Nyhavn, for Nathan to show the kids the real version of what they will see in Legoland (amongst other things) on Wednesday:

And then we walked down Gothersgade to meet up with Filippa and Mikkeline again:

We went to Kongens Have to look at an outside childrens theater performance. It was nice, but a bit too avant-garde for our kids though...

Then back up Gothersgade again, Linnea on Filippa's bike:

The girls shared a smoothie:

In the afternoon we went home to the Viby family, for a bit of bbq and Danish 'hygge':

Pierre was grill master, with perfect result - ribs... mmm:

And Nathan of course, was in his element!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Copenhagen 09 - Day 1

First day in Copenhagen we went in to the city center and took a walk down Strøget, the big shopping street, and had lunch with some friends of ours, the Enderleins. Lucas also met someone he knew:

Linnea hitched a ride:

After lunch, we decided to do something touristic and went to climb Rundetaarn:

Racing up, around and around..:

Checking out the view:

View from halfway up, of Købmagergade:

Checking out the view, and the new "Copenhagen Eye"-ferris-wheel:

Time for icecream:

And hey - I was there too!

After the adventures of the afternoon, we went back to our friends house for a coffee and a play for the kids. The skies got darker and darker... and all of a sudden it started to hail!! In JULY!!!


It was nice to play with Filippa's cool toys: