Saturday, 18 July 2009

Thursday in Stockholm

After another power shopping day in central Stockholm (it's impressive how efficient you can be, when you don't have two little ones to look after and consider at the same time!) we met up with an old (we're talking known-each-other-since-7th-grade-old) friend of mine, Jenny.

We figured, we hadn't seen each other since my wedding - seven years ago!! But, it's amazing, with friends like that, time is of no importance. It was just... normal, and same as always.
We took a long walk from the Central Station, passing the Opera House...

...and the Royal Castle:

We walked all the way up to the 'Moderna Muséet' (=Modern Museum) where they had cool live jazz musicians performing in their garden.
We had a lovely, healthy dinner there and had planned to stay on for a while; meet up with some of Erika's friends, have some wine, and enjoy the music. But I felt really rotten all of a sudden, and we had to cut our evening short, and just go back home.
A shame, but at least we got to meet!

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