Saturday, 18 July 2009

Last day in Stockholm

My last day in Stockholm we decided not to go in to city again, but just stay in the little suburb where Erika lives.
We took a long walk in the absolutely fantastic weather, had a yummy lunch and did a bit of the last shopping (yes, couldn't help myself..!).
Summer is so short here in Sweden, that everybody really enjoys it to the fullest while it's happening. It's so nice to see!

In the afternoon/evening we went for another jog AND I managed to keep running for a whopping 4 km this time! New record for me, yay! It was so nice, and such a nice run - I really, really enjoyed it!

We decided to do a picnic down by the water, and went to get some easy food from the store - grilled chicken, potato salad and fresh strawberries - mmm!

Food just tastes better outside!

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