Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Moving house, literally

One of Mormor's work colleagues is experiencing something really exciting at the moment. She and her family are getting their house moved (yes, that's as all in one piece)!

The thing is, there is a motorway getting built, just next to their house. So they didn't want to stay put, but didn't want to leave the area. Unfortunately they weren't allowed to build a new house on the ground they bought - so they decided to bring the house with them instead!
It's something that has been planned for ever and ever, and yesterday the work started. They lifted the whole house up from the foundation, and moved it about 10 m. The family didn't have to move anything out of the house, and are allowed to stay in it as well during the move! The house is getting shifted over 0,5 km across the fields, to a new ground.

We were there today to see how it went, and they were about to turn it around to start moving it:

The kids were watching the big machine intensely:

Here you can see where the front porch went up to the front door previously, and parts of the foundation:

Lucas wanted to stay longer, but it wasn't happening with any great speed, so we couldn't stay. Maybe we'll go back tomorrow to see where the house is now:

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