Saturday, 4 July 2009

Extreme precaution?

We've passed the 100 mark here in Brunei now - yes, over 100 recorded cases of the H1N1 flu!! Compare that with Sweden that has only 76 registered cases, and then consider that Sweden has over 9 million inhabitants, Brunei only 380 000...

I must admit, I feel people are panicking a bit. Today we were out and about doing some jobs, and upon entering one store, we got given face masks!
Lucas was the only one putting his to use though:

Apparently face masks are flying off the shelves around the country, and the Ministry of Health are having crisis meeting after crisis meeting about what to do in the worst case scenario etc.
I just hope there will be school this last week of term, of the simple reason that I would like the kids to get a chance to say goodbye to their friends and teachers for the summer.

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