Sunday, 5 July 2009

A day in the sun

We have spent the whole day out in the sun today, at the Yacht Club. Even though you might not believe me, when I say the day actually started like this:

We were first on the scene today up there, since Nathan was biking up there and we met up for breakfast. It was pouring down for about an hour (kids of course swam anyway) but then it cleared up and was beautiful blue skies for the rest of the day.

There was a lot going on there this morning, one little boy had his birthday party (that Lucas crashed...), one family had a goodbye-get-together - and we had cake at our friend Andrew's birthday brunch, since he will be turning 50 (... or how much was it again?) while away on summer holiday.
Normally I don't like it when there is so many people, because it's hard to keep track of the kids - but today it was actually really nice.

Now we have had pizza (like every Sunday!) and I'm already as good as packed and ready for our trip. School is on tomorrow (jippie!) and only three sleeps to go!

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Jason said...

We're being freaky deaky again! We go on our hols on Tuesday morning. Returning on 27th to arrive home 28th.