Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Copenhagen 09 - Day 3

Our last day in Copenhagen, we finally took the kids to a playground for a bit. It wasn't big but the kids managed to have lots of fun, with Uncle Lars and Uncle Søren!

In the afternoon we took a drive out to the countryside to visit an old friend and his family. We got introduced to the 3-month old new addition, Josefine:

Sebastian likes babies. She kept getting kisses, lucky thing:

Lucas, the clown:

Damage control - our kids are not used to the barefoot summer life in Scandinavian gardens, with nettles and other "dangerous" things:

Linnea desperately trying to swing like the other kids:

They lived in the middle of nowhere, with fields and meadows just next door. Very idyllic:

Some enjoyed the dessert more than others..!

It was a typical Danish summer dish, Koldskål. Uhm!

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