Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Copenhagen 09 - Day 2

We started Sunday morning with a lovely, long brunch on Holmen, a newly developed area of Copenhagen. Well, newly developed since we lived here anyway! For example they have a brand new and very modern Opera House out there.
We went to a café called Café Krudthuset, where we could both eat nicely - and play afterwards. They had a great playground for the kids outside, so we put Uncle Thomas to good use:

... and his kids too!

Linnea got into the climbing (of course...), but still needed a hand:

From Holmen we took a water bus from one side of the channel to the other, it was really exciting for the kids, and actually something new for us too! It didn't exist when we were living in Copenhagen, unfortunately:

We did a little stop in Nyhavn, for Nathan to show the kids the real version of what they will see in Legoland (amongst other things) on Wednesday:

And then we walked down Gothersgade to meet up with Filippa and Mikkeline again:

We went to Kongens Have to look at an outside childrens theater performance. It was nice, but a bit too avant-garde for our kids though...

Then back up Gothersgade again, Linnea on Filippa's bike:

The girls shared a smoothie:

In the afternoon we went home to the Viby family, for a bit of bbq and Danish 'hygge':

Pierre was grill master, with perfect result - ribs... mmm:

And Nathan of course, was in his element!

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