Wednesday, 31 July 2013

5th floor

We stayed with Søren & Katja this time in Copenhagen. They live very central in Frederiksberg, in a lovely apartment - on the fifth floor... WITHOUT ELEVATOR! 
Let me just say, we have got plenty of exercise this week!

Up and down, up and down; especially those days we hung out in their garden. Each time you needed the toilet, or wanted to get something from the apartment - a hoodie, a coffee, some more wine etc... up and down. 
I could feel it in my thighs already after a few days!


Monday morning we celebrated Søren's birthday with singing Happy Birthday in nothing else than three languages, of course!

This is how you look when you are... (sssshhh... forty-seven!) ... a year older!

Søren had a lovely breakfast with chocolate croissants, flags and presents. 

Then it wad time for us to say hoodbye to Daddy, as Nathan left for the airport to start the long trip home. He flew across to Heathrow, and then straight on to Brunei, via Dubai, later Monday night. Moment of truth weighing the suitcase:

The rest of us later celebrated Søren down in the garden with some birthday cake - both a real one and some sand cake versions!

Little Tobias came:

And little Frederik came as well!

The kids were somewhat in slow mode after our big Sunday Funday, which was all ok of course. 

We shared some Thai food for dinner, a hit with everybody. 

Sunday Funday

Thanks to the glorious weather it was easy for us to hang out with our friends and all their offspring! On Sunday we decided to meet at the big playground Skydebanen, where we have been many times before. We spent 5 1/2 hours there (yes, I kid you not!) - and only saw the kids when they got hungry.
We got pizza for lunch, but still stayed in the playground, and then we had coffee and candy and nobody really never wanted to leave. 

Later in the afternoon, we packed up and moved up to Frederiksberg Have. 

We brought sushi for dinner and enjoyed another delicious dinner in the open air. 

Then we had the most fun we've had in a while, we played a game of rounders! Oah, that had been a while, but man it was good fun!! Photos are a bit blurry, it was full action!

What a great day... We didn't leave the park until long after 9pm... and it was still over 25 degrees outside... Aaaahhh...

Kayak polo and BBQ

Saturday afternoon the boys had been booked up to go down to Islands Brygge to take part in a kayak polo game

It was Lars that had organized the whole afternoon, and brought a ton of friends together for a friendly game. We all came along to watch.
First they had a bit of a briefing about rules and safety, and then they got suited up.

They played in teams of three. You could say that kayak polo is a mix between basketball, polo and handball. It sure looked like a lot of fun! Next year we will definitely make up a girls team too!

This year us girls and the rest of the families had to just be the cheerleaders.

Later when they had finished, we all congregated around the BBQ Lars had brought down, waiting to get fed with a really tasty chili con carne. It was another warm summer evening and Islands Brygge was full of people enjoying the good weather. 

Kamilla came down with Herman, who got looked after by Linnea, of course.