Monday, 22 July 2013


We stayed in a hotel out close to Edinburgh airport both Friday and Saturday night (to make it easier to get there for our very early flight this morning). Friday we decided to stay at the hotel for dinner as we got there rather late. We thought it would be a better idea to take it easy and gather some energy for our big Saturday adventures!

Saturday morning Uncle Kieran caught up with us and we set off to take the bus into the center of town. We had the entertainment of lots of planes landing while we waited for the bus.

First stop was Edinburgh Castle, a must when in Edinburgh. Unfortunately there was one hour long queues just to get IN to the caste... fortunately The Whites had a special membership that got us passed those queues! Phew!

Once you were in, it wasn't too crowded. The castle is so big and swallows quite a big amount of people, the only time we got stuck in queues again was when we wanted to go see the Crown Jewels; otherwise it was no problems.

The Scottish National War Memorial:

Linnea and I in front of the famous 15th century siege cannon, Mons Meg. Famously fired in salute to the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots to the French dauphin Francois II.

Very nice views from the castle grounds:

We decided to have lunch at the castle, as they had a pretty nice restaurant there.

That also fitted in nicely with seeing them fire the "One o'clock Gun", which is fired at 1pm every day of the year, apart from Sundays, Christmas Day and Good Friday. I had to stretch the camera overhead to get the following pictures, hence the not too accurate aiming...

This lady Gunner, only got the job to fire the gun this year, and she's the first woman ever appointed to fire the "One o'clock gun". She was very friendly and let everyone take photos with her, and smell the gunpowder:

We also went down into the dungeons to have a look:

After the castle visit, Auntie Nikki and Uncle Kieran very nicely offered to take the kids to the Princes Street Gardens for ice cream, while Nathan and I finished off a few last jobs.

Our little fashionista with her matching bag and scarf, and Andrew the Scottish Terrier on her arm.

We finished off an absolutely stunning day in the capital with a dinner at TGIFs. Ribs, of course! Om-nom-nom..!

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