Friday, 5 July 2013


It's the holidayyyyys! Yay! No more early mornings, no more school runs, no more lunchboxes, no more homework... for 7 1/2 weeks. Aaahhh...!

Parents weren't invited to yesterday mornings Leavers Assembly, unless their children were amongst those leaving school; but I was lucky to take part anyway since this term's group of Zumbatomic Starz were performing in it. They did such a great job, I'm a very proud instructor!

There was a lot of JIS bears lined up along the stage for the farewells. 30 children are leaving Junior School this year, THIRTY! Oaw... I was glad to be there, cause it's very cute, and sad, to hear the kids bid farewell to their friends - and sad to see some of the teachers go as well.

The kids had a lovely last day of the year, here's Linnea with her Year 2 teacher, Mrs Joshi, and Lucas with his Year 4 teacher, Mrs Turner:

Since the last day of school is pretty unceremonious here, I continued our tradition with taking the kids for "Sommarlovsfika" (="End-of-the-school-treat") after I picked them up.
We always go for some cake or ice-cream, and the kids get given a present or two, as a reward for their hard work at school throughout the year. The school reports were very good, again, this year, we are very happy with their progress.
Lucas had a birthday party in the afternoon, so he only had time for the "fika":

Linnea had to answer her end-of-school-interview (for my scrapping!) by herself...

... and open her presents on her own too. She was very pleased to get her first Monster High doll (the newest craze, *sigh*), Spectra, her favourite; a Swedish chapter book and some earrings:

Now bring on the holiday travels!
The kids and I are leaving on Monday for a couple of days in Horsham; Nathan joins us later in the week and then we fly up to Aberdeen to visit the family. It'll be great, as we've never been to Scotland, and I'm looking forward to doing some exploring - there is so much to see and do!
After that we do a week together in Scandinavia before Nathan goes back, and finally the kids and I have three more weeks before we have to get back to gear up for Year 3 and Year 5!

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