Monday, 22 July 2013

St Andrews

On Friday we packed up to drive down to Edinburgh. On the way we stopped in at St Andrews, Scotland's oldest university town and also the birthplace of golf. Now it's truly a shrine to golfers from all over the world. As we arrived, they were in the middle of setting up for Womens British Open, due to take place there in the beginning of August.

We made a quick visit to the Golf Museum, or rather, to it's gift shop..!

We also had a look along the coast, the beach was full of people as it was another beautiful day.

We found a name we recognized! Ha ha!

We decided to have lunch at a pub by the seaside, it was so sunny and beautiful - a gorgeous, gorgeous day.

Could've opted for the 'Haggis nachos'... but yeah, no.

I had a pulled pork sandwich, and Lucas a pulled pork burger; Nathan was hoping to get some left overs, but no such luck! We all enjoyed our lunch far too much to share!

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