Friday, 19 July 2013


We've been so lucky with the weather since we've been here, it's been really sunny and warm all days bar one - and today only we had a few drops of rain around lunchtime. Rather unusual for Aberdeen apparently to get these temperatures for this long, but then again the whole of the UK is experiencing a heatwave at the moment.

Since it's been so nice and sunny, I hadn't really noticed before Nikki pointed it out how grey Aberdeen is. All the buildings are grey!

They are all built with granite from the Rubislaw Quarry - one of the biggest man-made holes in Europe. It is closed now, but in the 18th and 19th century, an estimated six million tonnes of granite were excavated from this quarry, giving Aberdeen the name "The Granite City".
This Rubislaw granite was also used to build Waterloo Bridge and the terrace of the Houses of Parliament in London.

Another thing with Aberdeen that stood out to me, was the huge amount of churches around. Nearly one in every corner! Although all of them are not used as churches... this apparently is one of the more popular Friday night haunts in town!

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