Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Skara Sommarland 2013

Last year we basically only had one warm day of sunshine here in Sweden whilst Nathan was here. That day came after weeks of bad weather and rain, so going to Skara Sommarland then would've been a very bad idea, since thousands of people would've had the exact same idea. So last year we missed out on a visit.
Two years ago I took the kids and met with a friend of mine and her kids. But since I was keeping an eye of both of them, I didn't want the kids to go off doing any of the big water slides then. They just stayed in the lagoon.

Three years ago they were too small to do any of those rides - so yesterday was the day it was time to really test Skara Sommarland out! It's best known for it's water park after all!

But first we had to wait while Lucas went on the gokarts. He is big enough now to go on the bigger gokarts, and was very excited. The queue was extremely long though, I think he waited for about 1 1/2 hours... 


But then when it was his turn, he had some really fun 4 minutes..! Here he is ready to go, he's in the yellow car at the end:


We spent a few hours at the water park part. Even I got into my swimsuit, but I must admit, I didn't do a lot of bathing... it was really cold! Lucas tried to convince me that you did get used to it, but judging by how he looked after only a short while, I'm not that sure about that!


It't not quite the same as back home, where they can be in the water a whole day without getting cold! But at least he and Nathan got to go on all the big slides, and they all tried the big wave pool etc. Linnea liked the lagoon best, even though we tried some of the slides too.




We also watched the Pirate Diving Show. The storyline hadn't changed since last time, but it's still impressive watching them do their tricks. Especially the dive while being "on fire", and the dive from the 25m platform.



Lucas' favourite ride turned out to be the bumper cars. He warmed up by taking Linnea along on the smaller ones...



While Linnea stayed and kept driving the Junior ones, Lucas advanced to the big bumper cars. We lost count on how many times he went on them! But I get it, the bumper cars were always my favourite too!


We also tried a few of the other rides of course. 





And when the park was about to close, we traditionally spent a few kronor on the chocolate wheels on the way out. Linnea played on number 18:


And won some Daim!


Only to get beaten by her brother... who played nr 8 on another wheel, and won the big prize there - 2kg of Toblerone!


So, bringing the big chocolate home was a great ending to a great day!

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