Friday, 19 July 2013

Shopping our way through Aberdeen

Every year when we arrive in Europe, thanks to our timing, we arrive right in the middle of the summer sales. This year no difference, although we've now been in the UK to feed the initial shopping cravings!
We've done really well, so well that we've had to buy an extra suitcase already..! :)

So many shops and so much to look at. Poor kids, they've been dragged around here and there and everywhere, back and forth again. All over Union Square, Trinity Center, St Nicholas Center and Bon Accord Mall...

A little bit of bribery always helps, cookies and coffee breaks were mandatory during our shopping raids. This particular day, Lucas and I had a piece of heaven in a cup, a "Raspberry and White Chocolate Creamy Cooler", it was delicious!

But to be fair, the kids held up alright, there wasn't too, too many complaints. Apart from coffee breaks, they also did get treated to McDonald's for lunch one of the days. Always a big hit!

Still smiling in the shoe shop:

We finished off this shopping day with a visit to the kiltmakers, looking for the Watson tartan:

We found the Watson coat of arms:

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