Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Monday morning we celebrated Søren's birthday with singing Happy Birthday in nothing else than three languages, of course!

This is how you look when you are... (sssshhh... forty-seven!) ... a year older!

Søren had a lovely breakfast with chocolate croissants, flags and presents. 

Then it wad time for us to say hoodbye to Daddy, as Nathan left for the airport to start the long trip home. He flew across to Heathrow, and then straight on to Brunei, via Dubai, later Monday night. Moment of truth weighing the suitcase:

The rest of us later celebrated Søren down in the garden with some birthday cake - both a real one and some sand cake versions!

Little Tobias came:

And little Frederik came as well!

The kids were somewhat in slow mode after our big Sunday Funday, which was all ok of course. 

We shared some Thai food for dinner, a hit with everybody. 

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