Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Saturday was a busy day. Nathan started it very early, together with Sam at Thomas' place, with champagne breakfast and some rugby on TV. The rest of us just chilled out and had a lazy morning start.

Then we all went to Torvehallerne for lunch. 
I had never been before, and it was truly an amazing experience! From now on I will always go here for lunch when I'm in the capital! It has lots of small restaurants and lots of possibilities to get tasty takeaways.

Torvehallerne is Copenhagen's new food temple. It opened in 2011 and consists of two market halls with over 60 stalls with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, bread and an array of Danish specialties. Torvehallerne has 60 000 visitors each week.

We all had something different for lunch, pulled duck sandwiches, fish and chips, prawn bulgur salad etc. It was super yummy and I loved just sitting there and watching all the hustle and bustle and people walking by.

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