Thursday, 4 July 2013

What Tuesday nights were made for

There was a photo in my Facebook feed this morning of one of my fellow hashers on the last hash - and she had titled it "What Tuesday nights were made for".
I couldn't have said it better myself, so I'm borrowing that title for this blog post!

On Tuesday we had another great hash night!
The run was yet again in a bit of unfamiliar territory (which is nice, since we've lost a few of our sites, it's great to discover there is still a bit of jungle we haven't been in!) along the coast road. It was only a very small group of us this week, not even 20 hens went in on the trail, the more quiet summer season surely has started. It started, and ended actually since it was a lollipop run, with this big hill:

It was nice being a smaller group, and also we all kept more or less the same speed for most of the run, so the group was kept together, which is quite unusual. Really nice piece of jungle, not so much overhead, but nice trails and big hills!

As Anna/Ryvita has already headed off to Sweden, I was on my own at the shout-up and it was pretty busy! Especially for my friend Hana (here on the left) - she was one of the hares, together with Clare and Hilary...

... she celebrated her 50th run by getting her inscribed pewter wine glass...

... she got christened by the Hash Fairy with a hash handle - the 'Cheeky Czech'...

... AND since it was also her last hash, she got her leaving certificate together with Clare, who is also leaving soon - and all that in one night!

To end the night, the hares served up some super yummy salads and homemade cakes, mmm! Another great, great night at the H3! What Tuesday nights were made for.

It's sad to see these two girls go... Yes, we've mostly hung out at the Hash, and they've truly been a great asset to the Front Runner group - but they are two lovely ladies that have become good friends of mine. I'll miss them, both to see them at the Hash, at school and at the Yacht Club. :(
(Thank you Jan Murphy/Hash Flash for the night, for these photos!)

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