Friday, 19 July 2013

Going for a pic-a-nic

Linnea has been desperate to do a picnic all week, but we've been busy doing other things (erhm, shopping...), so it didn't happen until today.
Unfortunately we picked a bad day, since it started raining just before lunchtime... Boo. We didn't get discouraged and set off anyway. By the time we arrived at Hazelhead Park it was slowing down and after having waited for a few minutes, it stopped. Yay!

Then it turned into another absolutely stunning afternoon, sunny and warm!

So, it was pic-a-nic time!

We had a really nice pic-a-nic. There was a big playground so the kids had a lot of fun. When they'd had enough we went to see the pet corner where they had a few different animals.

Not sure what the bunny rabbits were supposed to do with the rugby balls though..?

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