Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Horsham surprise

The kids and I left Brunei a couple of days before Nathan this time. The flights were getting so full later in the week and we didn't want to risk getting bumped.
Instead we took the opportunity to go see our friends down in Horsham again. I really do enjoy coming back to Horsham every summer - we are so lucky we still have friends there, and that we are always welcome to come and stay.

On the way down in the taxi, Lucas asked me if we were going to see Griffin this time, his friend from his UK nursery. I said "no probably not, since I haven't been in touch with his mummy for a very long time".

Well, guess our surprise when already on the first afternoon, while we walked around town doing a spot of power shopping, we bumped into the Els family in a shoe shop! What a coincidence!
Even a bigger coincidence when I tell you - they don't even live in the UK anymore, they'd moved down to South Africa and was only in Horsham on holiday! What are the odds!??

We went for coffee and a catch up, and the kids went off playing in the glorious sunshine, and in the water sprinkles... they had a great time!

We decided to meet up again the second day, bought some picnic and went to the playground for the afternoon. It was really lovely to reconnect again!

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