Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Horsham delivered

We were so lucky arriving in the UK for some of the best summer weather they've had in ages, gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine, love it!
It wasn't the weekend though, so obviously life rolled on for the Keys even though we came by. Anna is a Child Minder now, so the kids she is looking after still came and Cameron and Maya still had school.
The kids and I took a stroll through town. In a way it's not until you leave a place you realize how pretty it is. Horsham really is a beautiful town.
As I've already mentioned, we hung out a bit with Griffin and his family both days.

We were also invited out to my friend Cecilia for dinner one night. Finally got to see their new house they bought a couple of years ago, and have spent all their time renovating since then. What an amazing home they've created! Oahhhh... total house envy!
Didn't bring the camera for some strange reason, only snapped this photo of the kids playing rugby down in the paddock.

Cameron was working hard on his last homework for the year; he had to make a 5 minute presentation about a favourite thing. He had chosen Manchester United, being the little football fan that he is. He did a trial run for us:

Thank you all our Horsham friends for turning on the good weather and looking after us so well!

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