Monday, 8 July 2013

Our own Mini Games 2013

Yesterday afternoon our Reebok CrossFit 673 Box was heaving - it was time for the Mini Games!
When our Coach Mo qualified for the Games - the community felt we really wanted to do something to give back, support him and raise some funds to help with the costs of the trip. The idea of doing a Mini Games amongst ourselves came up.
Anyone could sign in, and Coach Mo had promised that everybody would be able to do the WODs. I must admit that even though I knew I was going to be here, I never even considered signing up - even though it was all "just for fun". I think after my total bonking out in the Open, I realized this is really not for me, especially not in a competition way. I make an excellent spectator though, and I managed to get there yesterday for the two last WODs - supporting the only "Morning Crew" member, Kym.

She did brilliantly, it was some demanding WODs; and also doing three of them in one go, impressive! The first WOD had a 6 min time cap, where you had to do 30 snatches @55lbs, and then AMRAP double-unders as you could.

The second WOD was a three part WOD, with 300m shuttle sprints:

Then they had 3 attempts to throw a 14lbs medicine ball as high as possible:

Finally they had 3 minutes to establish a 1 rep max of the Bear Complex:

The final, and super tough WOD, was a really long one. You had to go through AMRAP of a series of movements, 5 HSPUs (or wall walks), 10 deadlifts @115lbs, 15 burpee box jumps, 20 walking lunges with a 25lbs plate overhead and (if you could) 25 unassisted pull-ups.
First you had 3 minutes to do it, 1 minute rest, then 6 minutes to do the same thing from the beginning, and 2 minutes rest - and finally you had 12 minutes to finish it all. Oah...

Poor Kym, she was hyperventilating at one stage... but she did it! She completed all three WODs, and with very good results too. She didn't place, but I'm sure she must have PBd - the atmosphere and the support was just amazing, made everyone do that extra rep and push extra hard!

It truly was a great event, it all ran very smoothly and was so well organized; everybody that was involved really did a great job. I think there was only 10 male competitors, and 8 female (I might be wrong) - but the whole Box was full of fans, spectators and supporters!

Here are the podium placers! (Photo: Dexter Keasberry)
Well done to all participants, you are all winners!

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