Thursday, 6 June 2013

The proven nr 1

This past weekend the CrossFit Games Asia Regionals were held in Seoul. Our coach Mo had qualified (last year he came 4th in these Regionals) and was up there to compete. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and mostly our very own Sham & Maizan (two eager CrossFitters from the Box who were there) the whole Box could follow Mo every step of the competition.

The Regionals was a three day event, with 7 different WODs crammed in. Coach Mo did very well, he got one first place finish and a top 12 ranking for all subsequent events - in fact, that was enough to win the whole thing!
So now he can title himself "The fittest man in Asia" and he's off to compete in the CrossFit Games in California next month! (Photo borrowed from

Last night there was a BBQ at the Box where we all got together to celebrate his victory, and listen to his stories from the Regionals. Sham had filmed his every move in Seoul, so we could watch his performances all over again:

A little speach, from the "Proven nr 1" himself:

Pretty Miah showcasing Daddy's medal:

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