Monday, 24 June 2013

Superduper SupaSave

While down in Seria the other day, we also went to visit their new SupaSave supermarket. Well, it opened in December last year, so it's not totally new, but it sure seems really new and modern, compared to our two branches here in Bandar... Oh, how I wish we had one of these SupaSaves up here... oaaahhh...

It was big, with wide aisles, lots of stock, different things to here, nice and fresh produce, an appetizing meat counter, a dairy counter three times the size of our one and - it was super clean and designed a lot more logically than our ones.

We managed to fill a trolley, even though we didn't really "need" anything! But they had so many things that have been out of stock up here for ages, so we took the opportunity to fill up our cupboards with favourite staples!

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Angela said...

I was born and brought up in Brunei as an expat (my Dad worked for RBA) and I am so happy I've discovered your blog! It brings back so much nostalgia for me. I too went to ISB and then JIS I've even spotted a couple of familiar faces in your Hash posts!