Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Close enough

We were back at the Yacht Club on Sunday for the first time in a long time. Nathan and I spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool, and the kids were playing with friends.
At one stage Lucas comes and tells us, very excited: "There is SWEDISH people on the beach!!" I asked him, doubtfully, if he was sure and he said: "Yes! I understand what they are saying!" Ok then, I thought I'd better go and investigate!

Well, it took me 2 seconds to establish that these (yes, very Scandinavian looking) new people came from - Norway! Close enough! (I was impressed Lucas had understood them though!)
We had a big, big chat. Turned out they had come on two boats, both currently on an around-the-world sailing adventure. One boat housed a family of four who had been out already for three years and the other, two girls who had been out nearly two - both of them planning to return to Norway by next August. Respect.

As they were going to stay for another few days at the Yacht Club I invited them along to last night's Hash, and they also brought a Danish girl, who sailed on another yacht with her Kiwi boyfriend!

It was a great night at the Hash, and my guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves! The run was great, nice jungle, a bit of a view and good trails, perfect for first time hashers. The after was Canada Day Run, so we all got Canadian gifts from Kim, Canadian food and Canadian desserts (Nanaimo bars, mmm!); and we also had all the usual happenings of course.

(Thank you Lotika, for these photos!)

The girls were impressed about how our Hash happens like this, with a tent, table, chairs, dinner etc  every week; and they also kept gushing about how friendly and nice everyone was. They really had a good time, which was lovely!

When I took them back to the Yacht Club after, we finished off the evening with a coffee and a bit of a chat. I didn't get home until about 11pm - check me out, I've never come back from the Hash that late! 
It was so interesting to hear their stories from their sailing adventures, and nice just to chat with some fellow Scandinavians, it had been a while! It truly was a great evening and I'm very happy to have met these really nice people.

If you are curious about these guys, about where they have been sailing etc, you can check out their web pages! Here you can read about the Norwegian family sailing on 'Hero'; here is the homepage from the two Norwegian girls on board 'Flow' and this is the Danish girl's blog about life on 'SY Sophia'. Enjoy.


Självförbättraren said...

Det är inte att undra på att du har så många vänner Boel, det är så typiskt dig att vara nyfiken på, inkludera och bjuda in människor du möter. Respect för det, en fantastiskt fin egenskap:-)

MrsC said...

Ja, helt enig! Alle foeler seg hjemme i ditt selskap, Boel! Jeg foeler meg kjempeheldig som har en venn som deg:)