Saturday, 29 June 2013

Finally Jackiefied

The Blonde is back!
It had been 8 weeks since last time, yuk. For the first time my hair and the way it looked in the end, was really bothering me this last week before my hair appointment tonight.

But now it's back to normal, it's all good again - I feel great, yay!

Jacky, my hairdresser, flies in from Singapore every 6-8 weeks, to do hair here. You'll know when she's in town, because all the girls look so fab all of a sudden - we've all been "Jackiefied"!

1 comment:

MrsC said...

Hello beautiful! Looks very nice. You are one of them peeps that look just as nice with dark as blonde strands! How cool that you have a fly in - fly out hairdresser!!