Sunday, 16 June 2013

First of many farewells

The other night I went to a farewell dinner for a friend whose time in Brunei is up next month. It's that time of the year again, time for people to leave.

Of course it's always a bit sad to say goodbye but I try to be grateful that our paths did cross and that these friends were in my daily life, if even for only a few years. And at least from now on, we can resort to emails and Facebook, thanks to modern technology!

We had commissioned a painting from a NZ artist residing here in Brunei. She specializes in personalized paintings with Bruneian motives. This is the Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque, and in the boat going through the Water Village, is Claire's whole family!

We will miss you in Brunei Claire, best of luck for the next exciting chapter of your life!

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eastcoastmom said...

Jepp, det är flytt för många nu. Men du har rätt i att man ska tänka positivt!