Friday, 7 June 2013

The Swedish quiz - Answers!

1. What’s the capital of Sweden?
A. Helsinki (Finland)
B. Oslo (Norway)
C. Stockholm

2. What is the currency of Sweden?
A. Krona
B. Euro (Most of the rest of the European Union)
C. Mark (Finland)

3. Which are typical Swedish animals?
A. Bear, beaver, moose

B. Polar bear, moose, lynx (No... we don't have polar bears...)
C. Wolf, bear, polar bear

4. Which companies are originally Swedish?
A. Volvo, IKEA, Statoil, Tetra Pac
B. Saab, Electrolux, Ericsson, IKEA
C. Ericsson, H&M, Carlsberg, Alfa Laval

5. Which invention made Alfred Nobel world famous?
A. Gunpowder
B. Nitroglycerin
C. Dynamite

6. Which one of the members of ABBA was actually not Swedish?
A. Agnetha
B. Björn
C. Benny
D. Frida (She came from Norway)

7. Swedish is an official language in another country than Sweden, which one?
A. Denmark
B. Norway
C. Finland

8. In Sweden the only place you can buy beer, wine or spirits is in special shops, owned by the government. What is this shop called?
A. Vinbolaget
B. Alkoholbolaget
C. Systembolaget

9. Which one of these is a Swedish music group?
A. Aqua (Danish)
B. Cardigans
C. Michael learns to rock (Danish)

10. Who won 33 Davis Cup Singles for Sweden in the 1970s?
A. Björn Borg
B. Stefan Edberg
C. Jonas Björkman

11. How do you say hello in Swedish? 

A. Howdy
B. Hej
C. Häagen-Dagz

12. A “sambo” is...
A. A special name for same-sex couples
B. Your girlfriend/boyfriend
C. Your live-in partner

13. Which statement is true about the artic circle?
A. In the summertime the sun never sets above the artic circle.
B. The artic circle does not cross Sweden.
C. At mid winter you can never see daylight above the artic circle.

14. In which answer do you find a world famous Swedish scientist?
A. Bohr, Kopernikus, Galilei
B. Newton, Curie, Darwin
C. Röntgen, Pasteur, Carl von Linné


Prashant Kashyap said...

Hi ...rather Hej Boel..:).I could just get one answer right in this quiz ( the tennis one about Borg).Thanks for improving my general knowledge.Actually, I have a lot to thank you... I am working in Brunei and my movement to this place was strongly influenced by your blog...It's been 6 months here and I must say, I have no regrets.Thanks yet again. Btw, I am a newbie blogger too and in case you find time maybe you can click on this link - ... Have a wonderful weekend!

MrsW said...

Thank you Dr Prashant, I'm happy to hear that you have settled in well! Good luck with your blog, I'll be sure to check in on it every now and then!

Prashant Kashyap said...

Thanks! Encourages me to post more.. :) tc