Friday, 28 June 2013

Canada Day at the Hash

We had a really good Hash on Tuesday. A bit of a special one; it was the first one we've run at that particular site; it was Canada Day Run; I had four Scandinavian guests with me - and, it was Kim's last run... Boo.
The run itself was beautiful, we had quite a view at one point, despite the haze, and certainly got our fair share of mud too!

Hash Flash having a bit of fun!

Back at the Canada-themed red-and-white decorated tent, we all got lotto numbers to get exchanged later for very special Canadian gifts, brought back from Canada by Kim's husband. I got a hat!

It was also Mother Nurture's last jungle run, so she got to wear the bells in the jungle!

My new Scandinavian friends - comparing muddy shoes?

When it was time for Mighty Maple and her fellow hares to get their down-down, Kim decided to scull her drink, for the first time! Go Kim!

She also got presented with her leaving certificate. She has done 68 hashes while she's been here! 
She arrived on a Saturday, and already that first Tuesday she was dragged out into the jungle by one of our German hashers!

We got treated to a typical (?) Canadian meal, baked potato & beans; and yummy red and white treats for dessert. I chose to feast on a nanaimo bar, as I've had them at Kim's before, and they are divine..!

All in all, it was a(nother!) GREAT Tuesday night at the Hash! (Thank you Hash Flash for these photos!)

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