Sunday, 2 June 2013

In Johor

We flew from Bali on Friday afternoon, via Singapore this time. Reason being we were going over to Malaysia, to visit our friends the Foxes for the weekend.
They left Singapore and moved just across the border to Malaysia nearly two years ago, and we still hadn't been to see their new home. Just about time we came, since they are moving to yet another house in only a couple of months!

They live in Johor, which is just on the other side of the bridge from Singapore.
Normal travel time from Changi airport, across Singapore and to their house is about an hour - for us it took over 2 1/2 hours Friday night... We managed to land not only on a busy Friday afternoon, but it was also the first day of school holidays in Singapore and a public holiday coming up on the Saturday. Deep joy... The queues were just never ending to get across the border.
But, we made it in the end though! Kids went more or less straight to bed, and so did we after a very late, but delicious fish dinner Jason had cooked up for us.

The next morning, we could enjoy their house in the daylight. It was massive! It felt like we were staying at some kind of resort, ha ha, their pool was even bigger than the one we had at our villa in Bali!

Boys in the (dry) kitchen:

View from outside, through the dining room and one of the living areas, into the kitchen. Fab how all the doors just slide open and you can enjoy inside and outside at the same time:


Wataru, showing off his skills:

I tried to stitch together a panoramic shot from the garden gazebo around the pool area of the house. (You might have to click on it to be able to see it properly?)

I was a bit disappointed that the others (adults that is, of course) didn't want to do Legoland Malaysia, since it was only about 5 minutes down the road from Jason's house. They were probably right though, it would've been heaving, since it was public holiday, school holidays and all. Plus, apparently the whole park is not all finished just yet. Still, we were so close...

Instead we did have a lovely day at the house. Kids mostly spent it in the pool and chilling out in front of the TV. Maki and I even got to go do some shopping - and in the evening Jason cooked up another fantastic meal, roast pork dinner, for us and some other friends of theirs.
Thank you for having us! We'll be back!

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