Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spectacular road trip

On Sunday we went for a spectacular road trip inland through the Cairngorm mountains, the highest landmass in Britain, and also the home of one of Britain's first ski centers. Our first stop was a specific art gallery in the little town of Tomintoul, where I wanted to buy some ceramic highland cows. Luckily they had some in, they'll be nice souvenirs from this trip.

It was an absolutely fantastic drive across the Cairngorms. We actually didn't stop to take any photos, because it was going to be impossible to capture the grandeur - we decided to just take it all in with "mental pictures" instead.
We drove up and down big, big rolling hills and the flora was amazing. It looked really patchy and cool at times, especially high up where there was little life except the lichen (Britain's oldest plant) and moss. I preferred the higher summits, compared to the base where there was more pinewoods and woodland.

Our second destination for the day was the Glenfiddich Distillery, where we were going to meet an old Brunei friend for lunch.

There was a car exhibition going on outside the distillery, of course we had to have a look:

The Glenfiddich Distillery makes up a part of the 'Malt Whisky Trail', which would take you to seven different distilleries and one cooperage (a place where the barrels are made). Worldwide, an average of 30 bottles of Scottish whisky are sold every second!

We had lunch with John, who was based in Brunei with the British Loan Service Team a couple of years ago. He used to ride with Nathan, and he was also down with us in NZ to do the Taupo race, four years ago. It was really nice to see him again.

Nathan tried some 18 year old whisky, cause you kind of had to, having lunch at a whisky distillery!

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