Monday, 1 July 2013

“Give Them a Sofa”©

On our previous trips in and out of Brunei this year, I'd noticed the very impressive art exhibition located at the arrival hall of the airport. Today I stopped to grab some photos and to find out more about it; it's called the “Give Them a Sofa”©.
Such a lovely way of welcoming visitors to Brunei!

This expo was commissioned as a way of welcoming overseas delegates as well as the international media and other visitors to the country, during this time that Brunei is chairing the ASEAN 2013 summit.
Art is not only a language that crosses all boundaries, be it cultural or political; but also, the use of these recycled materials really highlights the importance of recycling to save our earth. The exhibit also aims to give visitors and tourists alike the chance to understand some of the country's rich cultural heritage, it's monarchy and it's economic infrastructure. It's also giving spectators an in-depth feel for the people of Brunei while showcasing local talent.

The idea to call the exhibit “Give Them a Sofa”© came from the theory that when people enjoy art - it should be thought provoking and enlightening. The exhibit is therefore symbolic of a 'sofa', whereby the audience can step back and interact with the art displayed and hopefully feel inspired!

There are eight individually themed galleries that stretch from the sliding doors of the arrival hall right out to the parking lot. The expo consists of a range of different pieces, each conveying a message in accordance to their theme. You can admire origami cranes taking flight, bamboo sofas and a waterfall created from plastic bottles amongst other exciting things!

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