Monday, 6 July 2009

School reports

We got the kids' school reports today. Although they are still so young, it's nice to read that they are doing well of course, even though there are no pressure really, yet.

The school report consists of comments from their teacher, and any other teacher they might have (they have specific Chinese, Swimming, ICT and Music teachers). It covers these different parts:
* Communication, Language and Literacy
* Creative Development
* Knowledge and Understanding of the World
* Mathematical Development
* Personal, Social and Emotional Development
* Physical Development

Both reports were excellent!

We could for example read that "Linnea is a curious and inquisitive member of the class"... "Linnea can swim a few meters and retrieve items off the bottom of the pool"... "Linnea has great imagination and takes her play seriously! She has many friends and is well liked by her peers"... "Linnea is sociable and caring"... etc.

We could read about Lucas, amongst many other things, that "Lucas is a pleasure to teach, he is an able and active student"... "Lucas shows a wonderful interest in objects and events"... "Lucas has made very good progress in all areas of maths. A huge effort"... "Lucas is a talented sports person with excellent stamina"... "Lucas can swim 10 m freestyle as well as star float on his back for 10 seconds and do a seated dive"... "Lucas has grown greatly this year in maturity and independence"... "Lucas is a pleasant and well motivated pupil who clearly gains much from school and gives much in return"... etc.

Well done kids!

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