Friday, 3 July 2009


In an attempt to keep the kids busy and entertained during this week of no school, we have had numerous play dates and also two sleep overs at our house.
On Wednesday Malthe and Daniel came for a play, and Malthe stayed over for his first sleep over. Yesterday we took the Turner kids to the movies with us, and then they came back here for a sleepover too.

Hannah slept with Linnea and Ben with Lucas. Hannah fell asleep first, and after trying to wake her up a few times, Linnea gave up too and went to sleep.
Lucas read bedtime stories to Ben after having played a bit with the Bakugans they went too. They were all over the bed and each other, but we didn't hear a noise all night, they were sound asleep.

And when they woke up at 06 am this morning, it felt really good to have an amah..!

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