Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Next stop Kolding

On our little tour we have now reached Kolding, in Jylland. We have spent a couple of days with our friends Lars & Dorte, that used to live in Horsham as well (and then moved to Berlin, and now back home to DK). Their Lukas and our Lucas, is almost exactly the same age, and were best friends back in the Horsham-days; and instantly found each other again. The fact that they don't speak any of the same languages didn't seem to bother them at all.
It was so nice to see them all again, and since the weather was still fantastic, we had a bbq outside the first evening, and the kids had a dinner in the nude:

Yesterday they took us out on their boat, for a little trip down around Lille Baelt:

The weather was fantastic, just like ever since we arrived, so we had to stop for ice cream at a quai along the way. Nathan got the job to jump ashore:

It was messy business, but oh so yum!

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