Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lucas right now

Today Lucas is 4 1/2, here are a few facts about him at the moment:

Favorite movie: He likes his superheroes, so anything Batman or Spiderman on tv, is great. Otherwise it's the good old favorites, like Cars or Monsters Inc.

Favorite food: Not much... he is really fuzzy with food. Nothing green, or red, or strange in any way. Basically just chicken (nuggets) and chips, always a hit. Ah - and of course, beans on toast!

Favorite clothes: It's easier to say what he doesn't like - anything with buttons and or a collar. He is most comfortable in just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, or his jeans, that he rarely gets to wear.

Favorite drink: Apple juice! Getting competition currently from Coca-Cola though.

Favorite book: I didn't know really, so I asked him, and the answer was a bit surprisingly "Pippi Långstrump".

Favorite song: AC/DC "Thunderstruck"

Favorite friend: Malthe and Gil - and Linnea of course.

Likes: Running around being silly, playing superheroes, watching TV, playing Wii and PSP. Being at home, he is a real house-mouse, just like me. One thing he does all the time at the moment, is playing the copying-game, it's really getting on my nerves, and Linnea's...

Dislikes: Getting dressed and undressed. Getting told what to do. When it's time to go home from a play date.

Favorite colour: Green

He can...
write his name and recognize most letters and numbers. He can swim and put his head under the water. He can ride a bike. He can unbuckle himself from his car seat.

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Anki72 said...

Lucas kommer med största säkerhet bli en mycket intelligent och framgångsrik kille. Skriver ju redan med "rätt hand" och allt. :)