Monday, 21 July 2008


We left the UK this morning and flew over to Denmark. A quick little flight compared to what we normally sit through.
We are staying at an apartment we have all to ourselves. It's my friend Kamilla's, but she is not here at the moment. Very nice, we can spread out - and wont disturb anyone when we get up at 05 in the mornings (yes, the jet lag is still there a bit...)

Just like in the UK, we are totally booked up while we are here. Tonight we went out for dinner with some friends, and we are going to meet up with them again tomorrow and have lunch in Nyhavn (at Nyhavnscaféen - I have to have their salad!) and go to Tivoli. We are also invited over to their place for dinner tomorrow, so the kids can have a play together and the grown-ups hopefully some time to talk.

Wednesday we are going to the ZOO with some friends who are coming over from Sweden. It's going to be super to see them, cause they normally live in Berlin, and we haven't seen them for years! Really excited about that!

Thursday I hope there will be time for some shopping, and Friday we will continue our trip and leave for Jylland. It's hard work being on tour!

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