Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Some photos

Ok, so here are a few photos from the last couple of days, finally. Starting out with Lucas and Linnea, supervising the load-up of the truck:

Almost done, bye-bye Rimba:

On the way:

The livingroom part of downstairs:

It's all one big room, but we have painted the different parts in different colours (as seen in previous post) to try and separate it up a bit. Of course, we are still missing a few things here and there, like a rug here in this part, and the tv-unit that we are having especially made (so all the ugly cables will be hidden away). And, all the ugly curtains will be changed as soon as we get back. I have bought next-door's curtains, they are leaving at the end of August.
Here is the upstairs landing, the playroom. The right hand side:

The left hand side:

We had this tv-unit specially made, and we are very happy with it. All the kids movies are up here, and this is their corner.
We will put a sofa here too eventually, and a rug. And of course, all those cables will be hidden away too when we get around to it.
Photo taken from the window over to the stairs, our bedroom and the office seen to the left:

Lucas' room. We had these beds and bedside tables made as well, and bought some mattresses at the "IKEA-shop" so now the kids sleep like royalty!

In Linnea's room. We had her bookshelf mounted on the wall on that little wall between the entrance door and bathroom door. Looks really nice!

Our Venture picture has finally come up on the wall:


cecilia said...

hej du, jag gillar verkligen era "venture-pics", får jag fråga hur man gör sånna?

kram daisy

Jason said...

It really is a bit freaky deaky that you guys have chosen the house we used to live in. It brings back all sorts of memories looking at the pictures again. It will be weird when we get over to see you.

WatsonBrunei said...

cecilia: Check this out: http://thisisventure.co.uk
It's an English company who does this modern style photos. Not cheap... I'm sure you can get someone else to do sort of the same thing, if they are a little bit handy with Photoshop etc.

Jason: Freaky yes!! But cool too! Good to know you will feel right at home when you get here!
See you Friday!

Mia said...

Vilket härligt playroom! Slukar ivrigt alla bilder på ert nya hem, det är verkligen jättefint.

daisy: Venture brukar annordna "home-parties" och då får man köpa en session billigare. Det borde ju finnas något liknanade i USA?

cecilia said...

Tack för länken - ska genast kolla in!
Mia, Det finns säkert i USA också, jag ska undersöka när jag kommer tillbaka från semestern. Det där med himeparties är ju väldigt populärt i US:)